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knee fall or blow followed by typical pressure symptoms atrophy of the
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description no one could be more entirely exempt than
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respiratory depression in the newborn especially if higher doses ore used.
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operations and her heroic pluck demonstrated by her
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The other parts of the peroneal division the peroneus brevis and
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eldest son Charles was bom. In he returned to Toronto
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record of hygienic disasters in the shape of decimating epidemics
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now to show that the environment contained the necessary amount
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doin School and from his teachers through their willing
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tinued to function under that name until November when the Medical
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the influence exercised by simple variations of temperature in this
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sociation some of them embodying the action of local medical
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capillaries were greatly dilated and filled with blood the liver
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directly into the blood and absorption is from the entire subarachnoid space.
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and pork had been properly cooked the lives of the deceased
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looking towards the mouth of the patient. Next direct
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active principle secreted by the ovary which acts as a
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of the overwhelming prostration and fewer mucous membranes are
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ments not so large as the others. He had passed many pieces
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pain. On the left side however I found a small and very
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source of legitimate satisfaction to English Surgeons from
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inch in diameter. Cutting down upon the left internal iliac artery I
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somewhat ataxic gait and exaggerated knee jerks which might
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the left hand slightly. Found her in much pain. Ordered the
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drugs notably cantharides copaiba turpentine cubeb squill phenol
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Archeologists and geologists base their calculations as to the age of
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from the point of view of the surgeon. In it he showed
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out any hesitation it has proved superior to the sul
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gery University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College New York
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tagious. It may be that the persons so exposed are fed well and
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after the administration of the iodid of potash. He claims that it
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March meeting while at the second a long and instructive debate
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placed the fact of the dislocation beyond doubt. Moniteur
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milking it is noted that the udder is sensitive the milk is
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a wonderful effect at times and in many instances has
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and looks like a child of thirteen or fourteen years of age.
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for the diagnosis of one he himself for the other. The patient with
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tional expression less often the right arm and leg tempor
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hair this air being admitted through the disintegrating
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of Epilepsie Pleuretique has been generated. To keep
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band was encountered which bound the hepatic flexure to
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never fell below.V was generally but on the slightest
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quires more than any other substance bacterial activ
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Line of amputation Above os internum in three Nos. and
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efface the traces of blood the terrible tell tale drops.
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apparently entirely relieving the itching for the child
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whether or not the game tends to increase the offi
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waves are separated by a period not of apyrexia but merely of
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as the result of observation however inexplicable the facts may

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