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In a few days however I was attacked with ophthalmia in
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operated iji a case of elephantiasis with success. The
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that the examination of sections for diagnostic pur
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most cases should be cut down to the amount actually demanded because
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or other tumors upon the ureters. Hue has observed such
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as this is known. The kind and extent of the structures in
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Now the human brain is strong it is capable of enduring
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of measures employed to arrest or abridge the duration of typhoid and typhus
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tion. The ulcer was near the cardiac end and close to the
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recognized as being capable of stimulating metabolism.
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of sufficient length to bring about this arrest. If the physician
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variety. Waxy degeneration of the kidneys is with very few exc
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that is not true cut it into small pieces the size of
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described would be noticed and acted upon by some of
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pestilenza Italian. La peste or plaga Spanish. Indian plague
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or combated he believed this had at times led practition

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