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erally realized. Thus in Glasgow the annual mortality from whooping
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children. The disease is contagious and auto inoeulable.
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ink and allow autograph to dry without applying blotter.
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warranted and this is the chief object of the present
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culous. No attention was paid to whether their his
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liquor ammouia was held under the patient s nose at the
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the cases cited was characterized by a gentleness of
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Q. Is it known to follow any other children s disease
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rly in the morning. The vomited matter or eructated gas sometimes
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neurogliomas often fail to take the glia stains. Besides Weigert s stain
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heart and lungs and in the elucidation of typhoid fever. They were
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which was a congenial subject for that occasion. They were
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the several military posts occupied by the United States Army and given in
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places where yellow fever is now prevailing the opportunity
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inoculations if for any reason the first should be un
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district is ShertuUay in Travancore where according to Waring
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may exist. Delirium usually quiet but sometimes noisy or a
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will undoubtedly find something in this volume that will
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in the pharmacopoeias of their respective countries. This proposi
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I am open to conviction. In going about the Hartley Krause opera
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general effect which it exerts on his constitution. A lung
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South had been transformed forever and no single factor
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The lochia was obtained in every case by Doderlein s
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The skin is divided into two general layers the scarf
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branching into many little follicles or glandular sacs. Sur
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A report of an interesting case in the writer s practice
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ful in a glass of cold water taken every morning before
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potassium salt where a rapid and energetic action is not
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elapsed from the time of her having been first admitted into
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proval. He Mr. Hastings had ventured to express his own feeling
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incision over the cord. After waiting a few minutes for the ansesthetic
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a little blood that passes between the sides of the vessel that
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agencies already enumerated directly or indirectly
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Dr. Adams of Boston in discussing the foregoing pa
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Phobus reports the case of a professor of chemistry forty one years
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vayemo.sti v g. Omskle infektsionnlmi formami i ob oso
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pains the rigidity and non effaeement of the os uteri I was
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the everted eyelids which is then washed off with solution of
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