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it was thought advisable not to proceed further at this time although
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whilst in the right moist rales were audible. Considering
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cause death in guinea pigs in teji liowts. Post inortcirn revealed con
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diet. Perhaps the medical treatment of the gastric symptoms has been
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name and continued it for several years successively in
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short and the incision in the vaginal vault is sutured.
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die apoplectic from a to hearty dinner and in the other
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repeatedly known these consecutive events to occur with great
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said district who have been made eligible and that to pass them by
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for sterilization will result. In case of gonorrhceal vaginal
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tributed but the fact is that in a few hours after the first
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treatment and many of the suppurative cases recover without opera
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the body as the result of protein catabolismj and most
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runs as possible. Practical work on apparatus and wiring and on psycho
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This case illustrates in a condensed wa the size of the collection
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Williams who defines a vaccine as a killed bacterial
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tending greatly to prevent bad habits of the kind under con
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bowels and increased the chronic to an acute catarrh. Chronic ca
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though local recurrence is more common in the cartilaginous forms.
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condyle of occipital bone. sphenomaxillary fissure.
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bond which must ever be not only a source of sincere
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doses every three hours until relief is obtained Jias a decided
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those who have by their labours raised it to thi position
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on Rheumatism and Gout and on Diseases of the Heart and Lungs
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a more thorough form of massage in which the manipulations predominate
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more satisfactorily with the blood that does pass through it and thus reduces
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otorrhoea where the conducting apparatus is crippled and the
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found it uncertain and not nearly so useful and safe as aromatic
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liquid contents of the hypersecretion but so lessens
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of the stomach and intestines. Constipation an expression of or associated
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came together with force and suddenly separated at the instant of the coogL
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The rabbits were bled Dec.. The serum reactions were Serum from
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agents. Electricity has in fact been medically employed as
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guide in the differentia diagnosis of iritis. WTien how
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animal was therefore only the result of infarction and a prominent
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the lobe and extends so slowly that the typical signs are masked.

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