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apparently in the minority in Germany whereas at no
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was diagnosed and at the urgent request of the owner a treatment
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bonates in a weak solution or by the carbonates of the
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amidst many hundred experiments performed under a great
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seem to explain the fact that the Maidstone epidemic
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possessing no peculiar function but engaged in the active
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place with Dr Martin a general practitioner at Chatham. A
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in the occipital lobes. In such patients the revival of the graphic
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increased by the addition of several late monographs.
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of this procedure it is advisable to keep the animals separated
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nance of life and it is only when this has been reasonably
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gation as to the possibility of an antagonism between the
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glaucoma. The myopia is of course due to the malposition of
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axillary line on the right side over the liver from
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turbance of the nervous system. Mental overwork and
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the winter season. In this state all the chemical and physical
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dressed in packing houses situated in the Union Stockyards of
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men of genital tuberculosis of swine tuberculosis of the
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See fourth page following reading matter for Rates of Subscription
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which was at first relieved by enemas and cathartics which
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tion to the subject. No pathic condition of more im
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sion is only too often without favorable effect and
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and urine escape at the point of rujjture the surrounding tissues
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layers of Cargyle s membrane or of silver foil has kept
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from throat were those of Streptococcus hemolyticus.
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the country people who let him sleep in the stables and
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articles of clothing they have used during their illness is to be
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dropsy but is not dropsy in itself. The two remain
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read a paper dealing with the pathology of simple anae
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Ward and Buchner. Scientific research has amply proved
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caused him to be much sought after by all classes of
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and with rounded ends. They are very similar in appear
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Meyer reviewed some of the work he had done on this
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with danger to life independently of the circumstance that
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new method of Resection of the foints of the foot in
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the great frequency of the former and the rarity of the
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most often responsible for diffuse nephritis with con
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Mitcliell Banks to see the leg and endeavoured to brace
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the possibility of itibeing connected with the liver. It
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process. Common sense is the line upon which the diet
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concluded that the anterior wound communicated with
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Animal Industry to work with Dr. Curtice in after an ap
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cipally to the lungs and the membranes lining the air passages
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these nerve storms and the author believes that it is
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