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one appellation. Of the terms which have been applied I would

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peres commencing with and gradually increasing. In the

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scars of fallen leaves. All parts of the plant have a peculiar

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time because not receiving proper treatment. The move

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the Thermodynamics laboratory necessitates the closing of the

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Home s patients have had relapses after having been flattered by

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and commonly in pure culture in practically all cases of

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came to the hospital for a similar attack which had commenced before

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by the average farmer. I found that not one in fifty that were

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therei y. I vished much to be with you. You do not know

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wealth that is is considered almost a disgrace to drink from a

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Surgeons when that institution was located in Crosby

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Feb. the writer inoculated a large guinea pig weight gm. subcutaneously

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might be given vent on them rather than the incisors and grind

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tissue that holds the skin to the body of the penis then

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The treatment of stenosis of the lachrvmal duct. Ho

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ing and secluding animal plagues wherever they may appear how much

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royalty having been banqueted here. The old building is replete

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proceeded with cautiously and the radical operation done.

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certiticate Surgeon Major S. J. Goldsmith Bombay Establishment in medical

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the pathologist. Personally he had never obtained much

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a pneumonia taking place as a localized infection as is clearly

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a deficient supply of blood occasioned by exhaustion or deple

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In Gastein this clinical test has been in progress for many

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experienced in finding the origin of the blood so the

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and the degeneration is propagated particularly in the

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bacillus. The cultural characteristics of the two organisms

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Certain food substances have a distinctly stimulating action at

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sematous the diseased portion does not collapse and if the entire

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Substantially the same procedure is followed in surgery. Corresponding to the in

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J. Mount Bleyer recommends a tube more cup shaped at its

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