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of tabes were lightninglike and distributed in the peripheral

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in using small doses of tuberculin in suitable cases

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Clinical Medicine and Clinical Surgery are taught by the Physicians and

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Flower under the liberal auspices of the College which devotes its

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medical installation. Less intensively trained men could readily and safely

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than in calculus of the kidney. In periods of anuria

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always. The estimation of the damage done the kidney

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occurred at Sialkote where the military has been sum

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the right finger in the rectum the larger the organ the

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friend who had a somewhat similar affection. I do not know

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except on the second day a marked improvement in the

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cumstances may be one can hardly desire a more complete assortment

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and their complexion assumes a pale or dirty gray color. Moreover

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the English colonies in America. The price of potash salts

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established and one which we have frequently observed. Our most

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promoting microscopical research and encouraging improve

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consumption together with the advisability of inaugurating a campaign for

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be sought by passing an aspirator needle downward in

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inches from the mid sternal line. There was a roughish

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for years before an open outbreak of the conditions was

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scopic bile ducts present nothing abnormal. The contents of the

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in cases in which the heel is denuded of its integument

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calf nurseries violate every rule of hygiene in construction

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appreciation to the Speakers for their handling of the

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has shown it necessary not to give the highest dose of

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jaw with what seems to me good effect but as I have

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at will nor can he increase the body temperature which in true seizures

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ing fieisting and although very usually efficacious it is occasionally

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albumoses and of gelatin chondrin peptones they are valuable sub

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logical science vllich has appeared for some time and con

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accompanied with that puriform discharge so characteristic of

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of such infections after influenzal broncho pneumonia the occurrence

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at St. Bartholomew s and having obtained the customary

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empyemas every surgeon will admit that an Estlander s operation

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between the ages of thirty and forty nine patients

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there was a slight hardness but no tenderness at the site of swelling.

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vomited was never jaundiced never collapsed from pain

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subsided and we have only a fistulous track to deal

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sound or placed over the inner margin of the sterno mastoid.

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peding respiration. It pressed down into the left groin and the left

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from the rupture of the engorged vessels. As one of the first

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