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from experience. About two jears ago he was obliged to hare a thigh

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into the anterior chamber where it fell. Since this mag

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to the profession alkalines alone will not accomplish this but

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most suspicious fact was her diet she having been sub

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wards. My arm which had been resting on the table fell

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injection of the meninges and of the brain substance with effusion in the

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Council of Paris which will be of valuable assistance

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This hypermotility of the stomach is also demonstrated by the X ray

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Hence caustic alkalies potass soda magnesia are more

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simply a collection of tine granules and a deposit of brownish yellow

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Continued development of a standard means of patient docunu

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States particularly via the port of New Orleans for the purpose of

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exclusive of casualties resulting from bombing and infectious disease epidemics

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which is in the fifth intercostal space in the middle of the left

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displaced without any warning and for no good reason does not

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Good food good light good air and warmth are as we have

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repeatedly prescribe or direct for the use of any person or

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I whatever will I allow myself further to experiment.

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the form of Curschmann s spirals. The others had fibnn

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indeed. Such an injury is too serious and would be followed

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fluid picric acid should be used in the strength of

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charges especially those from the nose and throat must

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The frequency of pain in the neck nuchal rigidity and head re

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Court by the same author will need no special persua

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This is the one definite diagnostic sign always present.

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to consider the revision of the working methods of the

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It is now universally admitted that in the human female the

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of scientific medicine and scientific u inciples so long will it

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when the face fubfides at the height of the fmall pox and of

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paranoia persecutoria with well marked hallucinations of

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endothehal lining of the spaces that clotting occurs.

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her symptoms had been aggravated since. Chief of these was the pal

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gitation of the oil from the duodenum through the com

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and the heart s action is very weak. No urine is passed. The

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