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eminent and worthy physician from St. Croix who hap
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tality of per cent. This mortality would surely be re
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on one page the expressions labium majorum and minorum
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saw in a horse furunculosis but Preller found phlegmosis in
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runs against a horse s thigh tearing the flesh asunder. Laceration is
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third Annual Meeting of the American Medical Association held at
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Operative Myxedema. This ia a rare fonu of myxedema
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hands and fingers. According to Duchenne of Boulogne it attacks in
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cubation period or in the first stages of the disease and in
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cases areadmitted or in private practi.. and must produce
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Value of Meat Sources of Meat Recognition of Spoiled
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The pathological theories customarily held in regard
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nique of applying a double ligature to the superficial
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from distant arterioles and thus any given capillary area
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treated by rubbing the abraded surfaces with salt and lemon juice.
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took place which was from perforation of the intestine.
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deviation from the normal development let alone a tuberculosis.
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field without favoritism in the practice of medicine in the State of North
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usefulness such as road marches close order drill bivouacs and the manual
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liable to follow rheumatic endocarditis in the young.
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scribed with advantage care being taken that they do not irritate
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I Leg to offer in confirmation of views recently pro
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But notwithstanding what is here urged by our modern
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the hands of several physicians having chills and attacks
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Mathieu. This maker s reputation is already so extensive
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for that disease. August th rash of measles on face and
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to vex him. It is necessary said they to unpack and examine all
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method was alone employed and in one instance secondary haemor
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was reported. Mechanical treatment was unsuccessful
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opinion that in some cases the paralysis is due to injury
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every prejudice of my own refpeding my cafe and to adhere
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the disease protected against both o.i of a cubic centimeter and.
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large as they previously had they at least have that defmite obstruction
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there is little to be learned from index observations
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and is supposed to spread amongst children of the same family by
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duran cattle can not be permitted because of the prohibitions of the

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