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which he justly remarks are the reverse of those of inflan mation

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Melancholia of a mild type may be mistaken. The mental depression

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the extent to which the supply of blood is regulated in its passage

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gave good results macroscopieally but the histological

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into quarters equally good with those I was compelled to

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the external wounds were firmly united and convales

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tissue presents great variations in iti degree of susceptibility to these

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spores in from six to eight hours. Koch and others demonstrated

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Comparative Anatomy of the Spiuat Column in Relation to its Mechan

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dirais volimtiers avec M. IJesnier qu on pent user du

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true moulds of the affected tubes that exhibit a laminated structure.

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Whatever the predisposing cause may be in all cases we require the

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structed and equipped and other steps taken to change the

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