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On the use of digitalis in the failing heart and deli

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muscular acts. For this purpose the diffuse activity of this system is

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herein expressed seem to differ with opinions already

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Testimonials must be left fourteen days before the day of

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Kinley s illness has been a blood infection resulting

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ence though I think my experiences will interest those

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surface four by six inches including one fifth of the ear

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Dr. Edward Hulme as occurring in the Dunedin Hospital.

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Moisture. It is well known that in warm weather a common

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similar to those described in the spleen. Altho the thymus exhibited

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if it be venous will no doubt exert a palliative influ

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which occurred soon after he took away ounces of blood

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on of what followed the author treated of. The varieties

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fied Riggel s earlier observations which showed that

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typical thickened gallbladder walls but the typhoid bacillus wa isolated

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that it is in the nature of things impossible to put

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In Figs. and of leprosy and syphilis bacilli the bacilli are drawn

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that following abundant loss of blood with bulimia. This in our


the bile ducts and partially allows its contents to empty into the

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distress arise from the former cause. Pressure symptoms vary with the

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early treatment. Mr. JOSEPH Bell praised the paper and gave a

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wall of the uterus and to the pelvic tissues generally.


and methylene blue. Microscopic sections from the right kidney were normal.

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deradcs of quinine are of undoubted value and in many

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softened but still you have no proof of it..If you see signs of

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until free emesis is produced after which not a trace of the

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Dr. Muir also added a vigorous protest re those doctors who

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intense and persistent jaundice. A cyst of the pancreas often reaches a

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have at the beginning some bloody expectoration but after a

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and sulphuric acids and of the chlorine. But Dr. Jones

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candidate may also be examined in Greek works on medicine

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them in the first place. It is this eventuality with

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may occur. Menstrual disturbances have localizing value infra. The

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nection with what he described as functional derangements of the

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for which he can give no reason but which is so over

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tened a long piece of narrow lifting or cloth or flannel with

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regions is attributable chiefly to the complication with dysentery

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the diagnosis of the disease would be based chiefly

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must cause symptoms of congestion in those organs from which the

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his muscles into training again. Of patients who have

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