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weeks before anything further occurs. Then perhaps after an unusually

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Stmptoms and CotJBSE. We shall treat separately of the symp

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pleuritis of the right side began until January st

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It would be hard to name any subject which has made

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of tropical regions that pernicious paroxysms in the course of

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aided by Alfred Oswald the Austro Hungarian consul

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of the most distressing symptoms and to euthanasia.

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than. Of the last number only thirty one animals were affected

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several teeth without any great loss of blood. The man

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sodium beginning from the border of the tumor and gradually

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flesh seems to be one of the peculiar attributes of

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Taking all in all we seem to have in hot air an agent

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treated as they very often are on the expei tant plan the

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sterilized than fingers. A large number of sutures were used in

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as to how to get out frequently they fall down in such cases.


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we may presume that this multiple abscess formation could not occur

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swallowing and speaking but his voice though somewhat

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challenged patients with a vehicle for independence.

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Congress one entire township for the use of a seminary of learning

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are however certain individuals in whom it may not be possible

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be inaproper to draw the conclusion that elastic com

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The return of the omentum after being fifty hours in duresse was

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well as in those with whom quinine disagrees producing headache throbbing

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ing muscular area the contraction then spreads to neighboring groups

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row is so complete that a merely parti coloured fluid is

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Specialism and Some of its Relations to the General Prac

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in mind that beside the malformations which are the direct out

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Dropsy at times develops itself very speedily and universally some

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others. The experience of all laryngologists ha taught

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a more dense fibrous tissue epineurium than is the case in a normal

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went to Harrogate and by Dr Myrtle s advice took Kissingen

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Carcinoma monopolized the field of malignant tumors and ap

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l ower of nominating thirty three professional men of

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anatomy and physiology at a meeting of the Court of Exami

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