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FIG.. The fenestrated abduction plaster dressing for injuries in the

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Immunization by means of dead bacilli should be investigated.

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injury of either the iris or the ciliar body. One may with impunity

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tained a few small tubercles. All tubercles and necrotic areas were blue.

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much elevated. It becomes brownish red or purplish

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in Anatomy the candidate who shall distinguish himself the

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ti Ml obstruction by the absence of rigidity of the ab

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of the California Medical Association San Francisco April to

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escape of the gas are allowable. Nothing should ob

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always approached the normal size as the asthenopic symptoms disap

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within a fibrous capsule or cyst the long axis of which lies

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nution in the quantity of blood. In the beginning the equilib

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passing through the cephalic end of the superior colhculus with

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knee joints. Both joints are flexed one more so than the other

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When Dr. Vaughan stated that live bacteria ingested

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san and a description of its administration by the intra

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a trip of observation of the Department s work in the West he

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more transitory than in the glomerulus and according to Karsner it is

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Dr. Little made some remarks as to syphilis being the most probable

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thusiasts that artificial insemination succeeds whether the

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pharynx which is local and not dependent upon atrophic

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Waldie as a publisher and printer will assuredly satisfy the public.

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a person asserts that he is haunted by a particular

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explain more at large when I have considered the differences that mark

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treated first and the injury afterward. Artificial heat must be

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cure of contagious typhus in cattle. I would add how

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symptom. Again the patient complains of a persistent

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bus curantur with the object of correcting morbid pro

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proteid in weak acid was present in abundance until casea

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imparted to the finger was more important than either

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imperative necessity of increasing the nursing personnel.

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the water. The operator should pull the ear upward and

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