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cut off as in an ovarian cyst and the patient recovered without mishap.

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occurs is indicated by the evidence of antecedent haemorrhage in the

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operation. He believed cure to be possible under cer

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Case V. Dr Freeland of Broxburn recently gave me for

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of that which is most difficult to give its own life

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Ijpou Lamfrapk acco tjetl mdc fa ing t at t efe ftoo Cinetoisi

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tuberculous adenitis when it has not yet suppurated and

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Everything beneath the dressing is sterile. The stitches therefore cannot infect

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necropsy and days later respectively failed to show the presence

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fracture of the acetabulum was difficult both as to diagnosis and reduction.

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most distinguished aurists in London to test his powers with the

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build tissues. These organic matters under such conditions

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lishment. Enlisted men borrowed primarily from the emergency and medical

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Now I have just recorded three such cases. The lesion

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stitute where by animal inoculation the disease may be scien

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a so called functional or false scoliosis generally

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The fluid from the thoracic duct before ligation of the mesenteric veins

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the germs and those employed on the animals nsed to make the

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rings separated by deep also incomplete circular fis

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the yeast plant that it passed through three distinct phases of

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as has been recently recommended tightly strappd with adhesive plaster

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either side the pillow should be just thick enough to

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Deficiency Committee of the Board of Control should be respon

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grasping or clutching at their own necks or throats. In

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quence of a fall on the head severe concussion of the

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in other words this is a case of very marked localized

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Dr. Sell of New York in a brief but humorous speech and the

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College Association or the Intercollegiate Committee of

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Illinois Division of Services for Cripped Children. The clinics

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tissue in the integument of the scrotum a a similar

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as a defence. Supreme Lodge vs. Jones Texas Court of

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equal volume of normal salt solution which is thoroughly mixed

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