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in this section. The most conspicuous shortcoming of the latter is the

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Kent s command only in two years during the epidemic

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On the south side of the building is an annex meters

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Einsiedeln where the Black Virgin is still worshiped.

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mentioned Miller s account in the Journal of the American

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ure to do so has been the fault of inclination rather

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bistoury divided it through the entire length of the incision.

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If your Reporter does not reach you promptly and regu

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upon mental and physical exhaustion or worry and a vacation or a change

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disease the latter organism became extensively distributed and was

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Bull anfl Pritchett and recently J. T. Parker have emphasized the fact

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internal organs. This may be accounted for by all the available anti

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ventricles of the heart were distended witli fluid l gt lood

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board of health of the county to quarantine the dis

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and used for two or three weeks they give excellent rer

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factor. It is possible that when large doses of iodids are given there

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to reliable authority resist putrefaction for a long

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educational recreational and cultural amenities. Annual minimum guarantee

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no suffering whatever and no attack nor paroxysms either before

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of the body are greatly diminished in quantity. Se

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swollen with a commencing ulceration. A similar ulcer

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apprehension and as we were considering what further remedies

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I wish to show yon this morning six eases presenting one feature

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nurses there was failure to appreciate that it is essential to have permanent

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and bodily causes and that all severe measures of re

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those on the other half ran their regular course and left marks.

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body were afl ected either without or with the conjunction of

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flexor tendons to contract. At the same time lancinating

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ity but between life and death without any appreciable physical or chemical

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paniment of Little s disease in children. Of ten successive

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ment appears to cure permanently the eruption may have been

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Surgeon General on the specious ground of personnel economy. Despite

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lungs as a sequel. Moreover there is no difference to be observed

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ology in the academic department of the University

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arate check book for your hous hold and personal expenses. I

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symptoms. The chief contraindication is the presence of

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the system were constructed under water owing to the springy

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must be cultivated. It is a habit since when influenza was extremely

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tor and the process cannot go on actively without it.

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fascia of the flexo carpi ulnaris. The arm is put up in

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investigations of Smith amp Kilborne the infection in the following way

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