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One of the most interesting chapters is that entitled The

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Canadian inspectors were on the way West to suppress it.

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group of experiments included intraspinal injections in

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In this manner only can a comprehensive record of the registration through

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r ray should be combined with other methods of examina

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boar there would be a vigorous live pig born for each ovum

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Mr. Morton of an Episcopalian clergyman who was sent for to pray

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mingles with decaying organic matter the most offensive effluvia

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active Auxiliary member as Mrs. Ann Rollins President of the

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tional fees were demanded for the additional studies.

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The cerebro spinal fluid is collected in the meningeal spaces and fills the

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who had gone before them the subject matter of this vol

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disease. They are lounTalsowhen the disease is not epidemic.

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Acetic acid on the contrary is a product of alcohol and may be

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the day he bitterly condemned the violence of speech which

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tions to which numerous plates are added and there is also

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sent instruction the functionally disturbed the neurotics

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lum showing the covering of the acetabulum by the reflected capsule and the

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new science of considerable pretension viz. that of annihi

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This volume contains the record of the Society s proceed

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toxic serum does not appear to contain any estimable

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teeth are not merely cutting instruments but are endowed as

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region. In stout women a small pillow placed in the curve between the

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change. th day of fever maculae began to appear and his

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In the second place many attempts have been made to explain

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demonstration. Hence the localization and correct knowledge of

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The chronic forms of alcoholism have lately been carefully

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tion the necessity of considering the dual character

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place suddenly he replies that the first two can only

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than. Jo the cirrhosis. The abdomen gradually distends may reach a large

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and defective hearing tested by bone conduction will be pres

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The manifold forms of the catarrhal inflammations are explicable

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at once and put in tube drainage. After several days

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little salt and onion if desired. Strain and add a little

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times one half of the vessels into which the pulmonary artery should

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the sick room the patient the surgeon and his assist

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physial as well as the diaphysial periosteum Yet how common

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