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An interesting case from the practice of Prof. Sonnenburg is reported

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chona is in intermittent fever. The dose for the adult is half a

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guinea pigs and birds produced a whitish exudation at


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dering the kidneys more susceptible to the action of bacteria.

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by Ml. Bowker through the pages of the Canada Medical

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always available and it is preferable at least for most students and

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tween the pain of neuralgia or neuritis and the pain produced by the

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disease called catarrhal fever febris pituitosa is also a tj phus dis

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ined and was associated with mitral stenosis in five more.

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on Mcintosh and incidentally on the Owens colony at New Harmony

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ended in diabetic coma. S. Soils Cohen after repeated trials recom

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universal consent however milk containing excessive numbers of

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sick children are sudden noises which startle a ra

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of weight and discomfort with dysuria. The urine rarely

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after the rupture was in communication with a bile duct. The abdomen

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alcohol just as good as another the ascetic or the reformed

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hysteria or to general weakness in the anajmic and debilitated.

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suitable for laundry and other domestic purposes of good appear

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as immensely relieved discharge of urine through catheter

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indeed throughout its entire course it usually escapes positive identification.

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of authority was needed to commend the healing art to their

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The following gentlemen have obtained First Class Honors

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A still further modification in the type of method under consider

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No physician without consulting legal advice should attempt

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retarded progress. Finally the antesthesia it produces

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relieved the general symptoms but in cases of hemian

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cannot be cured without local treatment arising from a

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tAg pnp iaftfli tft to mingle with non immunes a warm

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uous with the glia reticulum and with the glia nucleus. Thi.

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suggests the employment of wine and of other tonics and excitants.

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the femur projecting about one and one half inches from

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lations appear. Even then cicatrization is often extremely

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After the kidney structure has been destroyed by suppuration if the obstruc

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overlap the semesters or are given intensively over shorter periods

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retain the mildest and most soothing substances for a moment

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