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Clinical Meeting of the Medical Board of the Massachu

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have been obtained from the use of dips. It is difficult however

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siderable proportion of the cases of strangulation by bands occur in patients

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that accounted for the loss of prestige on the part of

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Source Medical History d Medical Air Evacuation Transport Squadron Dec to June

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thusiastic about the application of alcohol. Opera

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sist of vertigo tinnitus and a sense of impending danger and some

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benefit results from alcoholic injection of a nerve below

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children s comprehension by simple experiments with

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ning easily weaves for the listener a vivid romance. If

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case is a mild one in phthisis a constant reaction im

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plete expiration adds to the state of excess inflation.

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few minutes. The large black or greenish stones have in our opinion

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pleural cavity. It was deeply congested and on its serous

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recorded results of other operators including experimental as well as

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an accessible jmrt of its anterior or posterior surface by the first forceps.

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Complete rest in bed with cold pack is the safest and best

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depending upon the degree of intracranial j ressure.

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treated by transfusion the immediate effect of the pro

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At the request of Dr. Harris the Chairman appointed

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