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making perforations at the lowest poiut s in these hol

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only give very incorrect data about the bacteria that actually exist

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carrying on its program the Division works cooperatively with

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This mode of exciting irritation is less sudden than the moxa and the

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card index in hospitals. The book is a simple and direct

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experiments on animals made by himself thus he dissents

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greater in amount than normal. When we compare the ex

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gaged rooms at Jena. But before the term began he de

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emerges through it. Thus in cases of small perforations the sound is shrill

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dia. It is practically certain that the first lateral lime primor

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our professions for ourselves but the fact was as I now

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ings since in addition to the form of autointoxica

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bst gt nchus the right bronchial plexus feebleness and retardation of the

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individuals of the same species particularly in domestic

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A case such as this demonstrates how very important it

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toms the diagnosis and the treatment of disease constitute perhaps our most

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taken and consequently we have relied upon a medical treatment of these

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ing this time there was apparently a cessation of the

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aspect of the subject describing the existing conditions

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to occur while the spinal paralysis was manifest much earlier.

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Hemorrhages from the mucous membrane of the stomach and

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doses but with only transitory results. Iodised cotton wool was also

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Mix. Used in eczematous and lichenous afifectiona Itllmry Fox.

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last two years headache poor appetite food causes distress and gas

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Grant E. Ward organized the first Oncological Clinic formed as a

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early stage infection can scarcely have taken place it will be sufficient to

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had complied with all the rules and regulations of the Institute.

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sideration of the case and appearances indicated that she had cenu

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The Human and Animal Bod as a Source of Propagation

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Clinical experience has shown that a single combination of fats

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except the actual sailing of the vessel. The medical officer

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erful uterine action which is rare in cases of pla

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into the size and shape of the blade of a small penknife was

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taken to mean typhoid fever. The same cannot always be said if

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scattered in the pages of journals devoted to pure science.

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to call attention to certain jiractical hearings the dis

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our confcioufnefs that is without any fenfation attending it.

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to be sought for in the gray substance of the cervical portion of

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versity of New York Fellow of the N. Y. Academy of Medicine Delegate

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