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quality or to the amount of the ovarian secretion es

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movement penetrated the vascular wall as well as the white corpuscles

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veins seemed as minutely injected as possible with blood and precisely

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For the first time in our many years of negotiating

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began to develop strongly the clitoris increased in

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was the first to describe division into four parts but his statements

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soluble in glycerine but most readily in hot alcohol it

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name leucocythsemic retinitis has been applied to these changes. They m

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a half month of pregnancy when admitted. The os uteri was

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time the mixed infection period determines a still further

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the fluid escaped into the belly. In all such cases

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practical point of view only partial effect on a certain number of

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trium. The pulse was then very small and irregular and

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hand except perhaps that it was a little more plump.

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Dr. W. did Uracfe s operation for narrowing the palpebral commissure by

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name although the name can be pronounced when once heard. This is

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of the fingers is helpful. The muscles are the first

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His lecture before the American Geographical Society in

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advocating the outdoor treatment of surgical tuberculosis.

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gets in good working order I feel sure the other cities of the

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anyway and in the third they all declare That s just

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grains of leucin and over half a grain of tyrosin were found.

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of the portio combined vagino abdominal extirpation is the more certain

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If then there is no anatomical analogy as far as the

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has not been observed has not had an identifiable antigenic marker has

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A diarrhoea coming on early to any great extent when the

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now to conjecture. In any case there is a prospect of a

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immediately frequently not till the next day and then when it

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seizures and prolong the interparozysmal state there is no

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by causing a wide variety of outstanding phenomena in

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importance in the microscopic diagnosis of rabies was made by Van

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symptoms of the influenza were referred to the head bone pains being

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ent in considerable numbers they are apt to escape detection. In any

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