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nasal hemorrhage are due to some intranasal lesion. The

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be ready for instant service and the time and the circum

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The Vest International Medical Congress. It is con

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sify and deepen instruction making it all practical

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subject as occurring in nurslings. In older children one of the first

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count. We did not feed anything except what had the seeds on

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To the General Council of Medical Education and Registration

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places on the moors the ground is literally paved with

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of irregularity it is noticed that there is a beat inter

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The sequel will show that this faculty of hydrochloric acid

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time the importance of the disease w as not generally recognized previous to

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carried out an enema of an infusion of ipecacuanha two drachms in

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outbreak of fevers so extensive that every regiment

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out sinking into dementia no confusion need spring from

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sides plantar reflex on each side flexion. The arm jerks were equal

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Fig.. Normal appendix body extraperitoneal tip above kidney

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ness of the ordinary machinery he does not consider worth a thought.

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h eniorrhage and is I believe always a ssociated with

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administered. It was therefore enacted that the Crown might

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Dr. Chapin did not recommend cereals alone in the daily

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Nutrition of the i crue Centers furnishing PAosp iorMS

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Appended to these lectures is a short chapter on Post Nasal Catarrh

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elevated owing to the increase in the cells in the rete viucosum they

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cases here reported occurred after an attack of typhoid

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external alveolar plate removed with chisel. Local anaesthesia

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