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obviously intended to be so became by action of the

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together it certainly seemed to require great care to secure

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and with sympathetic troubles of the viscera as you know the splanchnic

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serum were observed in a few cases of the antitoxin

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and beautiful and the countenance is in a state of the

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aggerated peristalsis. Medical treatment colonic lavage gastric

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colds have been used and perhaps are still recommended for

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manner we have said and draws it turning it in propor

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of mass action and a discussion of enzymes. The lectures which

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level. This is exactly what is being done by the so

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There is practically no literature available on the action of emetine

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spected herds and even in certified dairies cows with

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principles he so clearly set forth the admirable instruments he devised

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Audry Endomyces albicans by Vuillemin and Oidium lactis albicans

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is perhaps very extenfive and Serviceable to thofe who wou d know how

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microorganisms of poliomyelitis. Owing to the growing

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In the Sedg wick Rafter method which unfortunately only

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peritonitis and where the process already established

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what at ease when the test meal is to be aspirated

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rather opposed to many found in the textbooks on diseases of

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per sulphate is not to be recommended. Excision of the

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lowing small pieces of cracked ice by minute doses of phenol hydrocyanic

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up together and then stir in cups of Graham flour. Mix tlioroughly spread

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spected herds and even in certified dairies cows with

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auxiliary to other measures often operative but in others successful

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to thirty two seconds avoiding collapse of the bag

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of iron Hydrated oxide or peroxide of iron llydratrd

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of the capsule and gradually spreads inwards till in some cases almost

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were the opsonins in the blood serum which did not stim

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liquid portion of the medium as the plasma contained in the blood was

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in none can it be applied with deeper interest or greater utility.

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alist he was the life of every circle in which he was

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lieve thirst. After three days milk may be given every two hours.

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cabanes pendant la nuit. Ce moyen est tres efficace

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a pint of clear fluid and I directed the patient to come again

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ment of the University of New York. He was appointed

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again pushing the shoulder down the opposite movement of opening and

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lutel necessary for an efhcieient remedy viz the contrac

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