Ethinyl Estradiol Levonorgestrel Lady Oral Contraceptive

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See fourth page following reading matter for Rates of Subscription

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More than two thirds of the physicians are married

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The sixth year molar often begins to decay early. Tt

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Kentucky. The convulsive movements are general violent and o

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llie symptoms become perennial although somewhat moderated in iat

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body in its entirety came within the scope and purview of

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inches of fistulous tract dissected up. The patient is about fifty five

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scrofulous diathesis and develop one or other of the ill effects

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erence of tension between the loaded ventricle and the

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was taken and there appeared a delusive prospect of

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repeated every four hours if necessary. It is doubtful if any

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sentation at the Clinical Center. A number of concrete proposals were

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are the indications that justify tympanomastoid exenteration

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L leers and scars of the same extended into the sub

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fusion from the jugular vein of the afflicted animal mule to

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Surgeons it was resolved that the house of delegates

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position of a magistrate of Haldimand from until he left

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ber probably resulting from fusion of two of the cusps were thickened and

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consisting of subjects not contained or imperfectly treated in

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Munchen. Pichot Archives gfoierales de medecine Avril. De la

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