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ceases and yet the dropsy remains. In some epidemics dropsy
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example was lately presented to our notice in the youth who lay in
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of caustic soda will suffice but it is better to leave for a
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bacillus influenzae discovered by Pfeiffer in. It is a very
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that the Noguchi modification of the Wassermann reaction
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Hie sulphates of soda and magnesia are antidotes to the
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has taken place so that matter has collected in either case it may
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by mistake he swallowed a mouthful of liquor ammonia. He walked
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violent rigors fever and sweating temperature. Patient sent
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not vary during subsequent divisions so long as only
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thus stimulated students to careful study and to improve
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was obtained by the application to the engorged mu
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especially about the mouth is quite characteristic
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Ankylosed Joints and an Experimental Investigation of the
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in mammals no muscle fibers run between the auricles
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previously perfect health after a prodromal period of
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Surgery. A Treatise for Students and Practitioners. By Thomas Pickering Pick
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I When the pericardial sac becomes filled the impuW bcat disappears lor
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As stated by Dr. Briggs in the discussion referred to as

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