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had the two fetid enemata which produced two scanty evacu
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s cted off with knife handle or linger. Any large vessels opened
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finally the unfortunate patient may suffer almost constant irrita
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ous functional action in which first one part and then another par
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pressure produced by the hypertrophy of the left heart
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looks worse owing to the predominance of the hypersemia and the fusion of
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Dr. W. administers on the appearance of the disease a powder con
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five drops of a solution of the acetate of strychnine or the
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spinal column is rotated. The extremely limited extent of
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be carefully sprayed with some disinfectant before it is treated. The
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the character of that sound. The atheromatous deposits pro
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tended holds true piutatis mutandis so that even on this doctrine
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from profuse gonorrheal leucorrhea. She had been treated by the best
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and distribution of fat in the stools showed considerable variation apparently
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