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upon the deranged stomach in the practice of some physicians. The


ery but relatively it is still favorable. The compensatory action pro

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knowledge concern the thyroid but the clinical work is satisfactorily presented

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occurs and the liquid being expressed from the sponge comes into contaol

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and on the penis and scrotum of large moist papules.

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Autopsy. It is not necessary to detail the destruc

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Aneurism of Ascending Aorta unsuccessfully treated by the

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improve their condition materially it seems worthy of

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native population of Cuba six months later. When Narva

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wound involved the entire calf the muscles being everted and

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sinus at the side of the internal carotid artery have

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able plan it is to be hoped that it will meet with the

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attenuated. The pylorus occupied its normal location

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The treatment is absolute rest in bed together with

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to animal life comprehended in all the details of the

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tionally muscles are divided into voluntary and involuntary. The former

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ent world malady and it has been shown that the incidence

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thorax so that the diaphragm reached up to the third or

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is abundant and contains scattered desquamated epithelial cells.

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Fortunately examples of the development of the typhus

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the tlieory that the tubercle bacillus sometimes acts

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scene to explain that the extract would be preferable to

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former resident fellow and lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health

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have come to my knowledge classify and discuss them

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I propose to show from eight years of observation in the

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to sulphuric acid to form the ethereal or conjugated sulphates which

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and because it frequently terminates in tuberculosis or in coma. It is in

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cardiac lesions. It may however exist without either disordered action or

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interfered with. The obstruction of the vessels is due to the mechanical

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