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men under the use of the Iodide of Potassium. The history of the

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ourselves that it is resign ourselves to our scars and

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tion of pressure at the epigastrium vomiting headache languor

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inguinal hernia ventro inguinal hernia is where the

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obstruction. It is frequently impossible for the pa

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April th. Continues to improve. Animal bright and ac

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physiological activity or second any one of all the extra ovarian

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month and if the child had diarrhea not until the age of

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thorax existed and tliat the organ had been crowded

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Claudius H. Masten desires to have it announced that the

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The urine is voided once during the night and is occasionally

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after the use of the Xit. silver it has no superior. From three

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a common accident however and is usually the result of

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showed a high rise of temperature followed by a fall

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tion and extent. They are different in character from

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ology in the academic department of the University

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metabolism of these foodstuffs in the animal body therefore when a gram

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from the clear cutness of the interpretation. Thus the use of opo

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of its phases place the victims thereto within the bor

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are typical of gallstones the patient recovering from

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often affected by amyloidosis. In connection with a similar con

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process. In tuberculous patients the difference in tempera

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other characteristics of a bronchial asthma were lacking. These

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water from them. The resulting more solid portions then collect toward

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their obligations as citizens as those of us who are not

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On July th both ears were attacked. Daily vomiting.

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creases until the upright posture cannot be maintained. The

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greatest celebrities their scientists artists poets musicians

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