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mixture the multitudinous elements that entered into his

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referred to. Of persons who were examined at St. George s Hospital

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timely administration of ergotin. I think also that

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cases was it the tonsils that were at fault even large

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the patient s own feehngs the support of a family or other weighty

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the medicine was discontinued and full diet allowed the

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unknown. The little that has up to date become known con

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may be produced by the administration of some of the newer hypnotics

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hydronephrosis cystic kidney and in women ovarian cysts.

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As regards the prognosis of erysipelas the blood count Chantemesse

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possible chronic subinvolution with fungous endometritis

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position a peculiar non proteid substance carrying with it most if

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pi rpose it will be necessary for each and everj mem

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in the muscle dependent upon the lower part of the cord

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day a barefooted woman with a babe in her arms crossed

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table drawn up by Dr. Townsend has never been impugned though

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approximated surfaces of the rectum and transplanted piece of gut

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beheve that its waters confer the disease. There are several other

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round and broad ligament on each side and projecting into

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deformity in the order of time which occurs as the result of

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first because of the difficulty in determining the diagnosis of extra

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The Second Part includes the Diagnosis of Local Diseases embracing for example

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