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pain and the Doctor feared to draw on the string to dislodge
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brational numbers of the ground colors and the common
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health and she has several healthy brothers and sisters.
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In simple chronic laryngitis the local treatment con
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cattle. These ticks were kept under the same conditions as those
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All available reports from the Allied Air Forces were freely drawn upon in
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tavo endokardita. Signiticance of general streptococcic
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of the muscles the onset and termination being abrupt except
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four times daily for adults is none too much though in some
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since they generally were treated in their homes most of
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Pharmacy a standard commentary was necessary the book achieved
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wound. A partial peritonitis sprang up but there were no grave
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and those nomologists who are fond of subdivisions that may include
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adrenalin per kilo gave averages as follows a maximum dilatation
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published reports of his experiments we find that of persons inocu
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ing of cardiac area. Cardiac dulness to lower margin of third
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about abandoned this method of treatment having seen no especial
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ment which is instituted. If the patient lb kept warm and in
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the second column we find Mile End with a death rate of. as
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most probable that as the pharynx is often anaesthetic the local functional
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very patients have been rapidly cured by the douching
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vised and the facts reported last year show the necessity for the
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ether may be added to a toxin antitoxin mixture without interfering
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Evening visit. Find him much better has vomited two or
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treatment and histories of cases are despatched in a page or two.
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states are so evident that literature and folk lore are full
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Die Wirkung des Kaffees und des Kakaos auf die Magen
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ference of the shaft was only ctms. The radius and ulna were
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but no darker day could dawn for me. A light fall of
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cloves wash with xylol if aniline stains are used and
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After the return of the patient to the ward the foot of the
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one syringe Pravaz and acidum citricum for the prepa

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