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atropine in case of intestinal obstruction. He includes
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the assessor has been substituted. According to these data it
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Primary atrophy runs a protracted course with gradual onset and the
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neck skin. A small opening is then made in the esophagus
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by several oblique ridges. The posterior surface called dorsum is con
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month but the number of deaths are comparatively small.
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cially in chickens. These epidemics usually occurred in
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kilogram. This is sufficiently accurate for potable waters but introduces
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pletely out of order. Only the pulse showed a marked
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for the second following scarlet fever the second case
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dial solicitation from the Cleveland Veterinary Medical Associ
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sharp and penetrating. As soon as either passes the limits of the
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war prisoners. In Austria the physician is not reck
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assistant surgeon general Major James C.Merrill surgeon
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polypus of the size of a large pear for a woman aged.
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brought to operation. In the first case a portion of
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Symptoms. Severe paroxysms of pain of variable dura
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the Epidemiological Society on the subject of small pos and vac
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All the tests will however not warrant certainty. The heat and dry
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to the accumulation of bile in the blood regards it nevertheless
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the relief from pain is as immediate as in recent cases.
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be determined whether the convulsions were due to reflex
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volume of the retrobulbar contents of the orbit especially the orbital veins.
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extracts have been repeatedly shown to decrease renal permeability to
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with what the patient is escaping. And this is liter
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