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collapse. I had my assistant give whisky strychnin
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instances he knows the day of their entrance in the Hos
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ment of endometritis and salpingitis. In some instances these cases
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of the external table may be complicated by a larger
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successful preparations it is then observed that the oil lather contained
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sized calibres with cylindrical or spindle shaped dilatations usu
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positively impressed with the benefit which followed its administration in
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Should the wound heal by the first intention the danger will soon
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pregnant or may become pregnant requires that the potential benefits
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the lower lobes were principally affected and the pro
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whooping cough was never infectious after the admission of children
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and thirst he drank greedily of the blood of the animal. He threw
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deeper this is because the waste matter carbonic dioxid formed
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wherein in my opinion it is becoming a positive menace a source of
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more and more rigid separation of the principles of surgery from the
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proper diagnosis is essential to ascertain whether the cold
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of peptones an official preparation of carica papaya
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have the great pox showing that as early as his time
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was tenderness along the nerves in which the pain is felt. This appears
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There are unquestionably some persons of high brain qualities
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went still further and attributed all sorts of disease
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ordered for reading glasses right eye cy. axis vertical and left eye
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The Examination in Botany will be held in the month of
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This is an unusual and peculiarly interesting fact asso

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