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ground.that is stand on the toes sufl ciently to bring alli

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and clear his throat both before and after administration.

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society within the district except that district committees

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have ever with her a nagging nurse who in her wisdom thinks neurasthenia

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the day of admission. Of the rest one had wine and brandy

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formerly Assistant Surgeon to the Kncltcr Hall Government Training

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residents that the water which they had been drinking

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sixteenth day and is frequently met with in cases of relapse. The

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counted upon to remove it consists in the fact that

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matters in the general by one contributor and in detail by

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Removal of a University Professor for Scandal. A pro

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Properties. Tonic antiperiodic. Useful in those cases of remittent fever

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Acute Hepatitis This condition was diagnosed in seven cases. Definite

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Included under undetermined nitrogen are amino acids peptides and

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the tissues being cut rather than torn. Irrigation should

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shghtly reddened prominence of the cutis at the various

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made from fresh lemons or hmes great caution being exercised in

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portance than the use of stimulants. Do not carry the antiphlogistio

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gone away altogether since August it at times was less pro

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Laboratory Director Michael J. Mahoney MD CIlGrry LGDG

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William Hunter the first great teacher of anatomy in Eng

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seemed hopeless. Thus Fig. illustrates an injury to the

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where as in the maimon baboon through the restricted

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point of greatest intensity located in the region of the zygoma.

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rism appears in the axilla a few days or weeks after

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voiee sounds over the upper and lower portion of the upper right lobe

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this method the pile is seized with a pair of forceps

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vogue. His method of preparing the sutures is as follows The threads

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dent for its origin on a remote sympathy with the morbid state

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be referred to without going to some extent into the biology of the

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amblyopia must result even when the adverse conditions have been removed

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time required for the proper care and study of cases.

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otherwise mild and hopeful cases. During the height of the fever as is

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grotesque. The patient first frowns then laughs squints winks

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anent the yellow fever that has prevailed in our Southern

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bus district of the Floridas. In the former ifedeed there are

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discipline was continued until October except that there appeared to

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