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of the poor and promoting the welfare of the community they

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immediate instruction and direction of his teacher

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a defective intestinal digestion disturbances of the assimilation

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Program is acceptable for. prescribed hours by the American

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Excisions of the Ankle Joint. Of twenty two recorded

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members are equally deserving without regard to position in the

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roundings together with every means known to science and

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the past year would seem to indicate its constant presence among

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globular and also that it was still unknown what were the

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further examined. The Board resolved that in every case the

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material and demonstrated by inoculations that they were still

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tioned may occur this infection being followed by pneumonia the

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adelphia on April th. at the age of sixty one years.

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irregular in form sometimes they appear as slender rods

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Tetanus toxin travels up the axis cylinders of the nerves to the cord

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lawyer by profession and had a history of inherited

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heavy breathing no twitching. After two weeks right

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ance. Similar masses were present in the third and fourth ribs

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of all nations but more particularly those of the sacred writ

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amputates and leaves all else to the brace maker. This is an

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and all the details should be carried out with attention

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best recruits and the best can be had. It is the duty

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Act of Parliament creating the Province of Upper Canada was

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effusion was at its maximum reaching as high as the third rib anteriorly.

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glands lymphadenoma. Occasionally the spleen alone is hyperplastic.

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fieyd there may be microscopically atrophied portions fij

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having little hospital provision showed little or no reduc

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malignant disease of the lung is rare. The statistics

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Abortion of mares first acquired prominence in the United

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giving positive reactions was quite similar to that found in adults.

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At first diffuse it later becomes localized over the appendix

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most cases and if it cools too rapidly so that the air

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and at Netley in August after having passed through a course at

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woman is protecting herself against a poison directly com

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interests. They need better and cheaper shipping facilities for

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of the wall the portio intestinalis while the bile ducts in the liver

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premier s avisa de conserver la rime lout en observant la

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and psychical characters and antecedents of children of feeble intellect was

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tube as for the production of hydrogen is used pure

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due to pregnancy in the affected tube. E. Simon had

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rant. Now the natural and genuine refult of all thefe divine perfeftions

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