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fact is the large use of mineral waters for the cure of

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at by the method No. on previous page will give the amount of

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Superficial portions of convolutions in the neighbor

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head this separation of the sutures appears to be most unusual

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ing the eye balls in every kind of direction for the mufcles

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well established. If the patient complains of rheumatism of the

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presses himself as follows It was therefore a matter of great in

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Mott Barton and other American surgeons employed forcible dilatation

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college who was immediately sent for was with good cause alarmed

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have been held regarding the mechanism of oxidation in general. It

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of Boston said that the pia mater was a more or less

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held suspended two feet above the level of the table by

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sterility. Nor can any reliance be placed upon any form of immunity

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repleted with spirit and vital blood it becomes more strait

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iodin content falls below this minimal amount hyperplastic changes in

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fant and although on both occasions the breasts filled

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pathological processes which usually cause circumscribed narrowing or com

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pains or dilatation of the os. This ceased partly under the

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roughness of voice which will at last pass into aphonia his hoarse

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rapid horizontal nystagmus slightly more marked perhaps when she

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young inoculation into animals is of no effect. Then there

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This article is a summary of results obtained by the New York Health

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tempting to inoculate with the matter of the natural

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Joannes Wilson Anderson Scotus. De Medicamentis quee in

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or swine plague in any organ or tissue other than the kidneys or

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ing address first referred to the recent death of Dr. John

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the retracting cancer of the breast which has formed connections with the skin.

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Or. Radford Manchuter. The American translation of Velpeau i Mid

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months. He went from Hospital to Hospital until he died at

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