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fection may spread into Southern Russia and the Black Sea

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In this type although death takes place in thirty six hours or less

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bable nature of the affection they accompany. They are seldom

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picion. It is probable that many African travellers who have

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ganglion cells were almost all degenerate some were

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hystericus and insomnia. The appetite is usually capricious at times

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Chido Ch a Antibody Production Induced by Cancer Immunotherapy

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ibe strictly contagious diseases such as typhus fever smallpox K arlct e l

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statistics. But he had since learned that we possessed no

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granule degeneration. There was at the bifurcation of the

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of the constipation following the dose with an enema if

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levels at which the following coronal sections figs. and were taken are

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pregnant woman. The physician s face was spattered by

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Thiere fur Kunstler I owe to the kindness of Prof. Dr.

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as Berhampore it also appeared at various points on the Coromandel

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Geneva has lately collected statistics of thyroidectomies in

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encountered because of her having been docked so that the tail

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illustrious inquirers into the secrets of nature observe the develop

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fibrous tissue predominates in the enlarged cord. This however

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Prof. E. Andrews gives in the Chicajo Medical Examiner the

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extent as there is in pneumothorax in addition the hernia occurs on the

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The diagnosis is generally problematic. Of especial clinical worth

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adults and children are apparently equally amenable.

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the lessened blood destruction after splenectomy might

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by anteroi posterior and profile views which enable the

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injected this operation requiring at least one minute. Some

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Membership. Meetings second Thursday In alternate months.

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methods of disinfection superfluous. Of course I must add that since

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populated areas that a clinic of this type can be developed

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cases of locally acquired typhoid fever ever occur in Ber

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only neglected but is often combated both by nurses and friends

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ments. Exudations in this situation are particularly fitted for study

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