Was Ist Eriacta

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now weighed lb. more there were no rPiles to be heard

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phthisical patients be engaged in this manufacture in order to enjoy

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part of the glass which carries the substance experimented upon

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the pyramidal tract the geniculate tract and the sensory tract.

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conjunctiva had disappeared over night. No gonococci

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organs. The book consists of two sections Section I dealing

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almost marvellous for the eldest after having taken

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severity of the symptoms is so great and the pain in

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permit a necessary surgical procedure viz retire from

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present. Appetite is good digestion is fairly natural.

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retained a moderate amount of the food given by mouth. A large

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child developed an open hate and hostility and so ashamed

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ever common. Water is very hard clear and sparkling. It is not

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substance essentially different from the protoplasm of the cell body

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excrements come away by driblets all the time and the grown man

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in this sub group as his colleagues were aware a large number oi

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in them. The lower extremities also lost power as well as sensation besides

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microscope the condition proves to be one of hyperplasia and areas of fatty

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An experiment however on a small scale and in open vessels

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the next morning. The point of the ilium was found to be

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ance of an endocardial murmur is not proof that inflammation persists

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Papers and Communications. The following were read.

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and but slightly soluble in pure water. Their most marked char

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formed while the endosteum is suffering from the inflammatory

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operate in the vicinity of Las Pifias in Cavite Province

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intoxication anil that it is seldom taken excepting by those who

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preparation is exposed may destroy the thermolabile

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influence of the magnetic field on ordinary sensation. It is

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the important symptoms of the trouble viz. the annoying gastric

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joints I used it simply with a little flour to prevent chaffer

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the most efficacious as it excites contractility as no other

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will find judicious coimsel in the selection of the anesthetic in given

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nearly the only luxury of diet they indulge in. It is

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Readers of French will find this an extremely interesting

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