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would be pleased to undertake the charge of presenting the
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to diminish will give aid to the heart and increase
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h ading to i maciation and nerve poisoning. Locally tin
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Paralysis of spinal origin may be caused by two dis
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music has a peculiar power in diminishing the irri
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a fertile highly cultivated tract. Many cases of goitre are to be met
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rent contractions of the uterine walls of such power as to
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the breaking up of the ice and otlicr hvgienic disadvantages
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even as an alternative can not from hence infer the
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which is increased as the pile descends. The interior
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tion was made to cause or to prevent abortion. The virtual
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Fig.. Sutures in the cervical wall at the edge of the internali
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tion of the Medical Act precluded any other business till that
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of investigating the presence or otherwise of poison in any
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to regard peritoneal operations with the fear of the
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The local treatment should consist in first etherizing the
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of the acetic acid have the singular property of inverting the
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well as to hysterical anesthesia. I havfe found this exceedingly useful
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symmetrical in distribution is usually preceded and
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tention to this milk and a number of the physicians clients
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that just as in the case of ovariotomy when the rules foi
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at the inquest it was evident that Christian Science
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bringing about the slightest improvement in the state of the patient
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the possibility of rendering successful future preg
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When it supervened upon previous acute disease as for exun
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the public alone but health officials and sanitarians gen
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it shows closer affinity to the typhoid bacillus. This
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very practical in directing the operator s attention to the probabilities of
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when reduced to a fourth of its former bulk was lifted from
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body endeavour to retire inwards but this feems an inconfiderable
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is noticed by the Historian as the Solitary horseman
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occur as ordinarily take place in a normal pregnancy.
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Orgaitication of the Division of Medical School Inspec
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but the remaining three fourths present a very dif

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