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this singular affection. In Laennec published his work upon

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Table gives a detailed review of the labyrinthine findings in

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Bromide of potash preceded by a dose of calomel with sugar I

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effectiveness and evaluation of long term safety in these

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frequent accompaniment of glanders affecting mules as in

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In the cases which I have enumerated there existed a period of

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carbonis detergens with vaseline in the proportion of two drachms to an

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lieve the heart changes were due to loss of blood be

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Meningitis which is really a rare complication of typhoid fever


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there are found well pronounced carbuncles which are the seat of more

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with an amendment postponing rather indefinitely the publica

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marked in mediums containing utilizable protein as those correspond

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which is often owing to this that they reject Phyficians and

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ally for varying degrees of differentiation a. The distinc

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If tabes occurs in a member of a neurotic family the patient

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Alcoholic Neuritis with Report of Caae. In this paper

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Lipomatosis of the Pak lt reas. Lipomatosis orfatty

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perience of the needs of the better class of American

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the pancreas is completely removed then the sugar output actually

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neous injections of pure carbolic acid was that of L. S

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da catarata e vantagem dos modernes sobre os methodos antigos.

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well B. M. A history of three cases of placenta praevia

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and before the escape of the insect is a dark bluish olive

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sensation that the olfactive optic auditory and gustative ganglia bear to their several

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served on the outer part of the left thigh about its

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however small and then by closing the slit and swinging back the

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fection is never met with except in cases v here the purulent

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Cause Seems to be a specific infection the nature of which is

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tions etc. usually diluted with alcohol spirit of cam