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Griseofulvin Doseage

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pregnancy in whjch foetal parts and amniotio fluid could be en^ily distin-

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meso-appendicitis with progressive trophic lesions of the

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dyspnoea is the most constant, and, at the same time, the most dis-

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his earlier statement that besides cancer and syphilis he recognizes

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cause in four of the cases ; in another there was well-marked swelling of

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of the upper part of the lung is impaired, but why ? Because the disease

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result. In Case 16 Professor Broomall met with entire success.

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X-ray the pulmonary conditions of candidates for the army, but the

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infrequent and should be conservative — not over 25 mgm. applied

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skilled hands only, and in providing for proper instruction of

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Surgeon, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; Senior Surgeon, Edinburgh Eye

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investigation this seems to be a very questionable matter.

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ternal application of a ten per cent, solution or ointment. In simple acne,