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Coreg And Hypertension

College Phys. & Surg. Fairfield, ( « 18 « ) 21
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case successful. — In another case of oblique simple fracture of the tibia
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posits had already taken place ; the patient died on the
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practical bearing of the table is that the most nutritious food should be eaten, as boiled rice, when
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there is no perSflH^flMHMHHHMHR^^flPftwcess obtained at
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growths occurring in a limited district ; and second, that their growth
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sary. Tlie views of the author, like those of other gynaecolo-
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of the tubercle-bacillus. Some transcendentalists have
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In rare cases, fragments of the growth can be detected on microscopic
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acute mania. Lumbar puncture was done in that case without finding the
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idiopathic, where vision was lost, especially if the eye were tender on
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which complete bilateral blindness, dilated pupils with lost re-
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stances, acetone bodies or precursors, and glucose has been dis-
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™*mi1 ar kind affecting the extensor muscles, and causing a dropping ol tm
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It is important to note that when after a certain number of attacks
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1. Article 1. parafcraph 1, reads: As good CItlzras, It Is the
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— There are seventeen candidates for the seven vacancies in the-
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of this tendon a larger additional muscular belly arose, one
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and pig 70 to 80 ; dog, 80 to 100 ; cat, 120 to 140 ; goose, no ;
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debility, and disturbed sleep. Atrophy, from whatever cause it