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Colchicine Renal Dosing For Pericarditis

tographic plate. Instructions were given that the metal

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toms arise in consequence of toxic peritonitis, the

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Pcarllike bone forma- I report this case OH account of a

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salt for this purpose, being .somewhat less astrin-

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Rational Dietary. New York : Frederick A. Stokes Com-

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retary of the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of

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1907, 234 cases were recorded; in 1908, 136 cases; in 1909,

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blood, circumstances which alter entirely the possi-

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Jenkins, H. E., Assistant Surgeon. Detached from the

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William L. Elkins. The entire sum will he used for the

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"Answering the question asked by Dr. Jennings as to the percentage

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noted on otorrhcea. On May 5, 1910, injected 0.5 c.c. of

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the parent cells as to produce a feeble offspring. It

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hypertonic injections are not often rapidly followed

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was held in New Vork, un P'riday and Saturday. Decem-

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errors. By the use of this disk the field of vision is

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in institutions should be charged up against the lo-

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tical interest to the profession at large, as well as to medi-

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ago, and the anniversary was celebrated. In the forenoon

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alcoliul and lenuiiialed with hipodermic injections of mor-

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dent that, in our employment of drugs in the treat-

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followed by a fatal issue. This peculiarity is largely

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De Giovanni, Achille. — Clinical Commentaries Deduced

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various glass tests afl^ord data of little or no clinical

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as it was difficult to estimate the depth of the destruction

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than the practitioner could pass a stomach tube the

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cost of $500,000, is nearing completion. The low-er half

colchicine renal dosing for pericarditis

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to I c.c. Injected i c.c. alternately into right and left

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Health, there have been 146 cases of infantile paralysis in

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able to do the best for the patient and for the suf-