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the judicial oflicers in question if it can be avoided.

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pensed with in the ease of women is inadmissible, since, it

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the formation of blood, but their modus operand was not

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, tion. A- report was presented, in which it Was contended

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officer ; Messrs. T. R. Bailey, Bilston ; F. Bolero, Penkridge ;

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might be viewed from two standpoints : first, that which re-

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was of far greater practical importance according to my experience,

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they promise the best results, are more scientifically thought

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formed, ihe^ patient made an uninterrupted recovery. lu

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pointed out that the Fallopian tube was sometimes overlooked

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pool ; Dr. F. Knight, Swansea ; J. R. Keith, M.B., Driffield ; Mr. James

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frequent intervals, with the happiest results. > very two liours she was-

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We thus get carbonic acid formed by the oxidation of carbon,

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leels enchanted contemplating such a sight. Everyone longs to paint it

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nised the nature of the deformity, and no time had been lost before send-

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Officer. Salary, £-50 per annum, with board, rooms, and washing.

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diagnosis of clinical types, followed by one teaching the dif-

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England or returned via America or Cape Horn. Conse-

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formed, ihe^ patient made an uninterrupted recovery. lu

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cither to you or direct to him.— I am, yours, very truly,

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1883. Any alteration in the provisions of that OWiHanee

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vidual case ; (2) the sufficiently frequent use of such an in-

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able to insist on hospital authorities carrying out their joint

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with the dead, hut the grave has been made to give up its

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cent, seconded by Dr. Beverley, and unanimously resolved

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M.B. ; T A. DrxoN, and W. C T. Poole, M B.. F R.C S.I.

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4 lbs.; but olT the Azores he was chilled by night exnosuie, and caught

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disposing causes of the disease; (5) scrofulous p?ithisis ; (6>

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to and including the peroncns tertius. The peroneus longus

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the great services which English medicine had rendered to

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Sectio.'>j B. — Pathology, comprising Models, Casts. Naked-

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matter were removed. The eye made a good recovery from

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February 15th, in wliich, on behalf of the makers of alum