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this process must be repeated thirty times, the final proportion
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liver and spleen, the usual pathological seat of morbid evi-
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exercised to have the quantity of acid used (on a swab
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quarters, relievihg Passed Assistant Surgeon A. C. Smith. September 15, 1904.
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1,000) may be used. The douche is useful in nervous
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was neai'ly an inch in depth. The notes of two cases were
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slightly dilated; presentation could not be felt. The head and arm could be
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ever, that cases do occur in which the lateral columns are not sclerosed ;
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pigs, rabbits, and goats develop a similar substance in their blood
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exposure to wetting he is attacked with acute rheuma-
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year 1671. Mr. Douglass reports another, which commenced on the 20th
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been quite good, and he insisted on going out. Dismissed.
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Very near its attachment to the cyst there sprang a peculiar flat
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A Scottish Opiuiou. — In a recent issue the Scotsmmi, of
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some days an increase takes place until, in the case of the potato,
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vation could be satisfactorily obtained, both the spastic
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not on(y exhausted his subject, but he has presented
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may be associated (taboparesis). Death usually occurs as a result of infection,
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find their way into the streams. It is for this reason
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tinct speech, and difficult deglutition, there was material
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student of anatomy his dissecting room. When I lately arrived
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ject, the dividing line referred to passes, according to
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function is obtainable only when the gland is the seat of advanced
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Fig. 7. Shelves of thin muslin through which water drips from the spray in the opening in the floor above.
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scribed. Cultures from 330 non - diphtheritic throats
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hand on the method of proceeding, and nothing should be left
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(i) That a Minnie-ball should cut the ribs off as smoothly,
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ing a room which has been occupied by a yellow fever patient. Then
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New York City, extends an invitation to all physicians to visit its new quarters,
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Dr. A. Jacobi, of New York ; " A Contribution to the Summer
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tions of the skin, but not a few of the rarer important diseases,
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QormaL In confluent small-pox, which usually extends more in depth,