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animals, the pathogenetic germs can act in no other direction ; they

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Prognosis. — Influenza is not directly a very fatal disease. In the

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general requiring blood, ascitic fluid, or other growth accessory

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Gram's crystal (gentian) violet, fuchsin, and safranine, the same

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human, bovine, avian, and strains that infect cold-blooded animals.

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wheal is produced at the site of injection and at times the patient

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diaphragm may come on insidiously, and without obvious symptoms, or

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so the bleeding is apt to be intractable. Cerebral apoplexy may

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The process of immunisation, whether toxines or bacteria be used, is a chemical

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and at the same time to avoid the use of reagents which may pro-

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Two examinations of the urine (one by Dr. W. Denis, Massa-

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prospered and become respected in the past. That code re-

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tation, it may produce toxine ; and the latter, on being absorbed into the

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Some severe cases of myxedema have recurring nosebleeds,

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perseverance on the part of the patient, and sometimes on the

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part of the lungs. The auscultatory signs in laryngeal cases are very

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to remove from the moats surrounding the slide cells.

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ever, since HC1 is added in the final dilution no more

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nature of the stimulus they receive ; he has social faculties and

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ventricular complex in Leads I and III, and a notching in Lead

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be the materialist's choice illustration of real existence, we may

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it is important to note the remarks in paragraph 213 b on "test-

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fatty degeneration of liver, 1 ; malarial intermittent, 21 ; mitral

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is a very complex mechanism not as yet thoroughly understood

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and staring of the eyes, less hardness of the temporal arteries and

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The use of infusion of Apocynum, and Merc, cor? was advised in

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following points : — The general appearance of the patient, his more or less

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(a) Citric acid 21 gm to 1,000 ml double distilled water.

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phatically deny that these cells ever show amyloid changes, and that amyloid