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and also in mild cases of anasarca and dropsy. The syrup

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the cause of the headache, as may be suspected from the state of

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sometimes quite severe. At the outset there is usually a definite diminution in

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t Practical Synopsis of Cutaneous Diseases, Cazenave and

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stituted the whole necessary treatment. Against this indiscrimi-

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peculiar smell was due to the fish which were being preserved.

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The Clinic (pictured above) will house Dr. Amundson and his asso-

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Appointments to the medical corps of the army are made

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uterine gestation, and with good reason, we believe.

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ciety, by T. S. Cullen, M, D., and published in the Johns

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was seen not nearly to fill the membranes, Avhich in several places

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was almost as <-omnn>n as dyspepsia. While a<-tual disease of

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After this he was convalescent. The pneumonic symptoms

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lowered when neutral salts are added and the pH kept constant.

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Rowan, one of the best known jiractitioners in the city, died on

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practise deep breathing (to promote the movements of the diaphragm),

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the one Latin and the other of Greek derivation, there is no good reason for

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Observations on the Natural History of Traumatic Tetanus.

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son the growing cresses which formed his name, and proved to him

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f Senator, in Ziemssen's " Cyclopaedia," vol. xvi, article " Rickets."

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viz : Vaso-constrictor and vaso-dilator. These nerves act

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ski, the educational representative of Russia at the

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hall-life The withdrawal syndrome can appear asany combination of irritability, anxiety, agitation, insomnia,

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legal blow-holes, that it was woven so clumsily and its texture so

integrated safety of levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel from prospective clinical trials

The rationale of the use of manganese as a therapeutic agent is based

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the v. Pirquet Tuberculin test reaction and to our cases will, I believe, be time well

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quantity, or if absorbed, it as naturally follows that the improve-

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antagonism between scrofulous diseases of all kinds, and

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Street, W. (C. 1871-3, V.P. 1881-3, P. 1SS7-8.) Trans. 17.

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â– quadratus femoris, upon which it lay thickened and adherent.

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application, but what every one and any one can do is to guard

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crushing, and withdrawing it at a single operation ; the

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admitted that there were some points on wiiich the facts did not obviously fit

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consideration which has led to a more exfitnsive em-