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Metanx Uses

is brought to bear upon our triturations, and upon the sugar of
Institute are represented some three hundred homoeopathic insti-
From the field of battle to the first-aid station or to the
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Mrdifiiie; Tlu-- New \'ork 01islelric.il .Society; the New
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until the end came at 2 :15 A.M., September 14, 1901. In his surgical
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hear a loud bruit de (liable in the veins of the neck.
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monia and kindred diseases, when the system has been previ-
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might prove a friend in need, when Gray's polished phrases are
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awarded by the trustees of the Philadelphia Academy of Surgery.
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Stock-raiser of small means and a politii.iaii. He was
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and pleasant, and its general " make-up " in every way creditable
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had come for a departure which should broaden the field
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like himself. On the 9th he was not so well, felt cold, shivered,
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Pennsylvania. He later retired from active business and made his
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ress made by " preventive medicine" within the last few years;
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is the ordinary course of fulminating gangrene, but the
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He has in addition delivered many instructive lectures
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in ophthalmology, otology, rhinology, pharyngology, laryngol-
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get to the middle of Poupart's ligament. This line is that
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pital and attending physician to St. Luke's Home for Aged Women,
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and undemonstrated statements made by Dr. Minton in his
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guess-work. The possibilities of exact diagnosis to-day vastly
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list, carefully prepared by Dr. Sutherland, according to the
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other modes of practice, which, while they do not disregard,
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exception, complicated by the presence of very small debris,
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and, indeed, is never found absent from some parts of that
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where Rev. Howard Osgood, D.D., LL.D., was Professor of Hebrew
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As the bone, in the tangential contact that precedes the
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of Fairhaven, who stated that the most important remedies are
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Clinical Medicine. After four years of service he was
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1845, and is ^^^ ^^^ ^^ John and Sarah C. Malone Betts.
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medical science for the sake of which, in great measure, all other
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is a sign of robust constitution. Instead of a number of small
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have the Frog, who was spending his summer vacation by a neighboring pool, and
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do so with such force as to crush his ankle. However, this did
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later as clinician in the same institution for some years,
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are aware that homoeopaths differ among themselves when they
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examiners of the University of the State of New York from 1882
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geons, now a part of Columbia University, and numbered
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Conservative Ovariotomy. — Professor Schatz of Rostock
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member of the Illinois Stale Medical Society, of the Chi-
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process for extracting a superior honey of remarkable medical
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man of genial manners and benevolent disposition, qual
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central tube. The French shrapnel of 75 centimetres con-
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result. The difficulties connected with extensive systematic
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during his sojourn here that he met Miss Ella Haller, the
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dren; he also traveled extensively, attending hospitals and other
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