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the tentacle bearing the gland to bend to the centre of the leaf.

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increase salt and water elimination. A decreased salt intake

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frequently associated, which followers of Heidenhain would be inclined to regard

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dent can select and map out his line of study as he pleases. The

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The separation of the slough is usually complete by about the end of

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value for k over the c range of the method, it is necessary to esti-

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solution will keep for several weeks without forming free

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symptom. The constitutional disturbance varies much. It is usually

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raised and lowered through the blood 10 times, just

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pulmonic second. A blowing systoKc murmur was heard over

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sanguine-bilious temperament, of active habits, and apparently

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part of students and young practitioners, especially in this coun-

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be carefully guarded. The longer a patient has been struggling against

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(3) Place 1 ml of the guinea pig kidney suspension in one

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of what in all likelihood was typhoid fever had been from time to time

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odicals printed in this country, those of the Journal included,

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and may be serous, seropurulent, or even purulent. On section, the luno-

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the body, the characteristic eruption will in most cases be observed.

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Table XX. Volume of Saturated Copper Sulfate Solution to be Diluted to 1

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bronchiectasis, very little improvement can be expected,

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(4) Trichloracetic acid, 5 percent solution. 50 gm of tri-

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(d) Mordant in the following solution for 20 minutes:

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(1) Microsporum attacks skin and hair of the scalp and face;

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blood. If the needle does not reach to the bottom of the

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(1) Indicating by V the ml of urine excreted per minute,

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if the culture belongs in Lancefield's group A on the basis of the

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guinea pigs are characterized by a whitish, often transparent

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species of Proteus or other rapidly growing gram-nega-

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cases it may be cultivated from the blood stream, petechial skin

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filtrate and the standards are developed as described

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symptoms when the course is advanced, are those which are

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test night of the season, the thermometer ranging above 90 in the

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left femur and the right patella; in both tibiae ; in the malleoli,

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change in the muscle plasma. This condition is frequently spoken of

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as well as on the psora hypothesis of the later editions of the

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lenski, who also used the whole plant clinically. The results were