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well as young, comes the same testimony, 'iinie and again

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might naturally be expected that if the inverse experiment of


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functions of the stomach and pelvic organs tended to become

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rather than angular, for they are imbedded in a soft funda-

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Pneumococci isolated from the patient's blood before, during, or after

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tinguished himself as a teacher ? If so, where, and when ?

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occurred and iiad been healed, there being adhesions between

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The proper temperature of tiie room, the patient, and

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haemoglobin in the male sex, since as a rule all that

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forces its way into the body cavity, which consists of a series of small spaces

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phalic Pills.'' We hope the profession ries of experiments undertaken by MM.

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to its empli;ymeiit in the advanced stage of the intermittent whicli I

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• D. The ctaiH-lhne wju- origliudly emfdoved for the purj^'se of mould-

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stomach with air failed in a number of instances to

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tricts and who has had several malarial attacks, there comes on what is

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terior surface of the uterine body is fixed to the parietal

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and forceps. The loop of intestine at once sprang up

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by the thermometer, if persisting, is to be reckoned among the prognostics

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asthma, gouty kidneys, eczema, etc. There is no scien-

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Other infrequently reported adverse effects include extrapyramidal symptoms,

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sooner or later end fatally. The former has long been familiar to prac-

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fellow! Those who reluctantly fill-in at the last moment

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visible, but the orifice of the vagina was closed. In order to decide as

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A deodorizing, disinfectant liquid, supposed to owe its properties

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rately, 45 per cent, were due to comparatively slight injuries. The following cases il-

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efficacious in treating active inflammatory diseases. Aconite does not

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Spinal — column, chronic ankylosing inflammation of,

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means of removing the fluid. When no discharge occurs

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These observations have been confirmed by similar phe-

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it affected with complete paraplegia carried up from a ward on the

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had alimentary glycosuria after the administration of 50 gm. of glucose. For

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function as a real administrative resource of such serv-

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when recognized and treated in time. Late treatment re-