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fluid, mix it with the oily fluid, taking care that the
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of that disease. Prom all these investigations it was con-
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Subsequently he worked till February, 1903, when he was again
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tical rather than the horizontal semicircular canals are stimu-
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ing the posture of the woman, so as to force the en-
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jouctival du jili s6railunaire. Clin, ojiht.. Par., 1898, iv,
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cases the neuritis was confined to the lower extremity ; 2
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Symptoms. — Flat, yellow pustules appear in crops. They
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exhibition which is aimed at by some modern prescri-
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about to force itself through this part ; I endeavoured to make
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McAthur and McVay. Surg., Gynec. & Obst., 86:169-176,
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Group IV. — This group represents four syphilitics with no labora-
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work, the author aaya, in his prefaee. is to give the
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vulsions. Instincts are, usually, sensori-motor impulses and
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the subjects of myoclonus are rarely quite normal. The presence of
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Whole number of deaths in Boston for the week ending March 9, 38. Males, 18 —
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New Orleans. On Saturday, March 16, a party composed of doctors and their families will leave
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the advantages and disadvantages into consideration, I
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us. This probability becomes almost a certainty if there is
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pitals was only part of a larger question of a shortage
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would bring on a uterine contraction, and if the blood
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