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Perrone, Eugenio. [Ing., uff. d' idraulica del ministero di agric]

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ach. It is frequently used for rheumatism, both internal

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izing President and Congress to continue operation of

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transport ; it is the hardest work in the field if properly

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in a condition approaching purity. As this substance was found to be

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treating. Will it retard or hasten his success? increase or

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der, partial paralysis of lower limbs lasting for several days.

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they themselves, may often be the tirst to extol in

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greatly struck by the small advance which has been made in our know-

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rule that animals constantly pastured on dangerous ground

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the Journal of LaryiK/oUxiy, Khinolofjy and Ololoqy. London :

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properties are neutralized, while the compound so formed retains the power of

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says there are "strong reasons for believing that in the formation

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priest. Direct infection by sputum, causing pulmonary tuberculosis,

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susceptibility to their physiological or toxic effects.

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but in the extraordinary cases such as disinclination to

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terprise. As it regards numbers, we are sufficiently strong to do almost

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be repeated at another time. It may be proper to keep up the pres-

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Assistant Executive Director for M.I. A. A.; Assistant Executive

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ments subsequently advanced against it. Nevertheless

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The first tendency of which I speak is altogether good. It com-

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to stand 24 hours at 0°. The reaction product was worked up as

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On the 3rd of December he accidentally struck his elbow against

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had bitten him, I took up a candle and a stick, and went out and

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fontanelle. The head became lessened six inches in its circumference, and no

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Dr. Bell operated with a view of removing pressure from the spinal cord if

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Arthritic purpura is of extremely obscure origin. It oc-

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are as follows: In very severe cases of exophthalmic goiter, heat produc-

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Symptoms, — ^These, as the term general paralysis of the in-

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BHcriiii). The provioiiH iiicuHioii waH tli(>ii prolon^rd

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and is eagerly awaiting the appearance of a suitable

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It was observed, without any possibility of doubt, that in the two

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surpass any preparation of meat ever examined by me. It merits my fullest endorse-

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exhaustion of the nervous system, embraced under the

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isolated, or in chains more or less extended, and resulting from trans-

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